Sunday, January 5, 2020

3 Diversity Hiring Strategies (In One Graphic) You Can Implement Today

3 Diversity Hiring Strategies (In One Graphic) You Can Implement Today Its no secret that more companies are looking to diversity recruiting initiatives as a way to spark innovation on their teams, especially as data continues to show the competitive advantage of pursuing diversity and inclusion. But building inclusive teams that give members with different backgrounds opportunities to be heard is challenging How can we overcome language barriers, accessibility issues, and improve company cultures? And how can we create teams where members feel included across time zones, continents, and lifestyles? Even more daunting, how do we measure our success? These are just a few of the questions that were tackled at the SF Tech Inclusion 2016 conference, an darbietung centered around diversity and inclusion initiatives for both global brands and budding startups.After two days at the conference we boiled down three actionable strategies in this infographic that you can implement today to reac h your DI objectives for your teams (scroll to the end of this post for additional resources).Additional LearningsThe Women Tech Leaders Keynote Panel with Melinda Briana Epler (Change Catalyst), Heather Friedland (Glassdoor), Yumi Clark (Capital One), Ana Arriola (Samsung), and Jewell Parkinson (SAP North America).The Tech Inclusion conference reminded us that seeing the business and cultural benefits of having diverse teams doesnt just mean reaching diversity numbers, but also requires clear communication and interaction between members hitting diversity numbers is not the same as reaching a diversity goal that will provide business results. The Diversity and Inclusion keynote reiterated that ignoring inclusion objectives guarantees low retention of diversity candidates in the long term, and that Psychological Safety through empathy is the key to avoiding a loss of integrity and motivation from employees.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Video Replay 2013 State of the Job Search

Video Replay 2013 State of the Job SearchVideo Replay 2013 State of the Job SearchIf you missed our latest webinar, How to Job Search in 2013, guest expert Kevin Kermes is hosting two replays so you can get all the great info Are you committed to landing a job in 2013? Preferably, the sooner the better? Join us for a replay of Career Attractions 2013 State of the Job Search which will provide actionable advice to accelerate your search, while pointing out pitfalls and trends to avoid.Video Replay 2013 State of the Job SearchPresenter Kevin Kermes, Founder and Editor of Career Attraction.Kevin Kermes is career management expert whose advice has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Careers, the Military Times, and other outlets. A reformed headhunter, talent acquisition consultant and former Infantry Offer, Kevin offers insights, advice and hacks to help you get ahead both in career and life.Read Kevins great guest blog post, Cover Letter Writing Perfect the Art.Dates and T imes Thursday, April 25 at 8pm ETTuesday, April 30 at 12pm ETTopicsUnemployment numbers dont tell the real storywhere you need to look and, more importantly, what you can do about itHow conventional wisdom is sabotaging your search by making you a commodity versus a MUST HIRE TODAYWhy most expert advice on using social media is making your search more difficultHow to shift the way you find new jobs so you stand out from the crowd and even create opportunities for yourselfRegister for one of these replays today

Friday, December 27, 2019

ASME to Offer Code Courses in Dubai

ASME to Offer Code Courses in Dubai ASME to Offer Code Courses in Dubai ASME to Offer Code Courses in DubaiASME will present a special four-day training event next month in Dubai focusing on three of the organizations most popular continuing codes and standards continuing education courses for engineers and technical professionals. The courses, which will be offered from June 23-26 at the Intercontinental Dubai Festival City, have been specifically selected to concentrate on different sections of ASMEs internationally recognized Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC), including pressure vessels (Section VIII) and Welding and Brazing Qualifications (Section IX), as well as the related Process Piping Code (B31.3). Each course will be taught by an ASME-approved instructor who is an expert in their respective field. B31.3 Process Piping Code (course 643) introduces the B31.3 Process Piping Code and covers its requirements for design, analysis, materials, fabrication, testing and inspection of process piping systems. The four-day course will be instructed by Jim Meyer, who has more than 40 years experience in refining petrochemical, chemical, power generation and industrial facilities. Meyer has also been involved and held leadership roles with the ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3 Section committees for more than 35 years. He was recently elected chairman of the ASME B31 Standard Committee.The three-day course BPV Code Section VII, Division 1 Design and Fabrication of Pressure Vessels (course PD442) provides a comprehensive introduction to Section VIII, Division I of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels. It will be taught by Robert Kauer, a Dipl.-Ing. and Dr.-Ing. with nearly 30 years experience handling projects related to design, structural reliability, Fitness for Service, and inspection program development for nuclear and non-nuclear applications in pressure vessel and piping technology. He is an ASME Authorized Inspector Supervisor and a member of various U.S. and European ASME code committees.BPV Code Section IX Welding and Brazing Qualifications, (course PD645), also a three-day course, covers the layout, scope and use of Section IX of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, including explanations and demonstrations of the rules for qualification of welding and brazing procedures and personnel. This course will be led by Bob McReynolds, a licensed Professional Engineer with 20 years of experience as a welding and metallurgical engineer in the defense and infrastructure industries, including engineering and quality roles on nuclear power plant modifications, repairs and new constructions and who currently works in Abu Dhabi.The three courses will be produced in Dubai by Eram Group, an ASME Authorized Training Provider. We are excited about bringing our training programs for mechanical engineers and technical professionals to Dubai, said Jackie Oppenheim, directo r of ASME Training Development. Clearly, the Middle East is one of the most important regions in the world for the Oil Gas and Petrochemical Industries, and ASME is pleased to respond to the regions increasing demand for technical training, particularly with respect to ASME codes and standards. To register for training event in Dubai, visit http// To learn more about the ASME Training and Development program, visit

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Are You Making These Common Resume Mistakes

Are You Making These Common Resume Mistakes Are You Making These Common Resume Mistakes As a certified professional resume writer, Ive noticed that one of the most common mistakes people make when writing their resumes is trying to include everything. While it is important that your resume contains pertinent details, qualifications, and achievements, you dont have tolist every little thing about your work experience.This may sound counterintuitive, butincluding less information on your resume may be better than oversharing. You dont want to end up with a bland and unimpressive resume, but whenyou have held many similar jobs throughout the course of your career, youll start to repeat yourself. The saatkorn responsibilities willpop up under each position.This is not the kind of resume that catches eyes. If anything, itll make recruiters space out as they skim over your repetitive document.The goal of a resume is to impress the reader with your skills and entice them to want to learn mora about you preferably through an interview.Stop Repeating YourselfIf you continue to repeat the same job duties under each position listed on your resume, the reader will likely find your document uncreative and boring. Worse, theyll probably assume that you yourself are also uncreative and boring because you made this resume. If that happens, the recruiter or hiring manager is definitely going to go with another candidate maybe even someone who presented the same qualifications in a more interesting resume.Not sure what I mean by repeating yourself? Lets use an administrative assistant as an example. Often, admin. assistants have very similar job duties in each position they hold. The trick is to usedifferent wording and phrasing even if you are talking about similar duties to make your resume stand out.For example- Office manager handling in- and outbound phone calls, serving as first point of contact undertaking client inquiries, and resolving minor disputes.and- Client r elations specialist serving to engage clients over the phone, answer any questions, resolve problems, and direct calls to the correct point of contact.These two examples are describing essentially the same job duties, but the different words and phrases make the two descriptions seem different. Try not to repeat job duties acrossmultiple jobs, and if you do have the same responsibilities, try to word them differently.Including Too Much InformationAnother thing to understand is that you do not need to list out every single responsibility you held at each job. List only the responsibilities thatcorrespond with thejob to which you are applying. If that starts to get repetitive, then focus on the duties that make you stand out.Lets look at the admin. assistant again. It is a common knowledge that admin. assistants help answer phones, file paperwork, maintain orderly offices, and so on. Now, if you went above and beyond in your role maybe you managed social media accounts, planned event s, or helped with the hiring of new employees then those are duties you want to emphasize in your resume.The TakeawayWhen you are writing your resume, remember that less is often more. You dont have to include everything on your resume. When it comes down to it, no one is looking at your resume to find out if youre a nice person.The goal of a resume is to highlight your qualifications and show potential employers your achievements throughout your career.Michele Lando is a certified professional resume writer and the founder of Write Styles.Master the art of closing deals and making placements. Take our Recruiter Certification Program today. Were SHRM certified. Learn at your own pace during this 12-week program. Access over 20 courses. Great for those who want to break into recruiting, or recruiters who want to further their career.

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Make This Weakness Your Strength

Make This Weakness Your StrengthMake This Weakness Your StrengthWhat is your weakest skill? As a candidate for a new position, this can be an intimidating question.One common belief is, If I admit I have this particular weakness, how will the bewerberinterviewer hold that against me in terms of my ability to perform the job role and excel?To play devils advocate, What if one simply states they do not have any weaknesses? Wont you still throw yourself into the reject pile with certainty?There is no perfect job performer who simply has no room to grow. This is a time to show humility and expand upon your weakness.Here is the nitty grittyBefore getting into the nitty-gritty of how to best handle this interview question, each piece of the job hunt process, including your documents, should be designed with integrity and honesty.Beyond stating perfection, it has been proven in excess that producing any dishonesty on your resume will red flag your information straight into the bin. Whether it is sales results, dates of employment, or specific job tasks you handled, just be honest.Not only is it the right thing to do, it makes conversations with recruiters, and potential employers much simpler.When youre participating in a phone interview or it is time to walk into your face to face meeting, your nerves will be at ease knowing you can speak with accuracy and honesty about your experience.How to embrace underdeveloped skillsPersonally, this interview question holds a strong distribution policy in my line of interview prep questioning. This allows the job candidate to embrace their underdeveloped skill, and address what moves they are making to become more productive and proficient with it.When you are conscious of your weaknesses, it is much easier to verbalize and improve upon them. Not only will you feel more comfortable answering the question, it is the first step to developing an outline for how you will improve.This can be important for overall personal and profess ional development, making the interview mastery component, icing on the cake.Dont be afraid to use an ample number of colorful descriptors here for how youre going to execute.Time to start practicingSo, what is next? It is time to start practicing your explanation of how youre going to wrap this all together and conclude what benefit there is for the company. Remember, displaying cognizance of how you will contribute to their success is key. Think of the cause and effect analogyI will perform X task, expect Y outcome and Z is how that relates to the opportunity.Better yet, if you can provide an example of actions you have already taken to elevate yourself, there is concrete evidence you are willing to put the work forth.How to perform a SWOT analysis on yourselfPreparation and strategy can make this question a breeze, but the prep is necessary. Within the efforts put forth to master this, industry-specific components need to be considered.Displaying humility throughout will also hel p you grow personally and develop your overall skills.The most efficient way to expose your weaknesses (and strengths) is to create an individualized SWOT analysis. If unfamiliar with the acronym, it stands forStrengthWeaknessOpportunityThreatFor example, envision youre interviewing for a sales position, and through your personal examination, you recognize overuse of close-ended questions, but there are essentially no soft words within your pitch skills.Uncovering these vital puzzle pieces will help move forward throughout the process, and self-realization of what you need to improve upon.Appointing yourself as the owner of your skill set puts you in the driver seat and demands respect from the individual conducting the interview.Putting interview puzzle pieces togetherThe anticipation of this specific question is just one piece of the interview puzzle, but it is one giant leap in the right direction.Developing a strategy to answer commonly asked questions will prove its value in th e first two minutes of anyjob interview, regardless of industry.The glory of the digital age allows for instant access to questions frequented within specific roles and industry.One may even be able to gain access down to the degree of what specific formatting questions are expected to be answered in for an interview.Stay tuned for more advice on how to tackle finding your next role proficiently and professionally

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A Simple Guide to Writing the Perfect Job Posting [eBook]

A Simple Guide to Writing the Perfect Job Posting eBookA Simple Guide to Writing the Perfect Job Posting eBookHave you ever wondered if your job deutsche post dhlings are selling your open job to qualified candidates in the most targeted way possible?Youre not alone. Many employers struggle with crafting the perfect job post, which can make attracting the most qualified candidate within a reasonable time frame more difficult. And with job seekers reviewing job listings in mere seconds, its important your job stands out to ensure the right candidates choose you.If youve ever struggled with what to write, which details to include and how to title your job, weve got good news Simply Hired has just released a new, simple guide to writing the perfect job post We call it Anatomy of a Job Post.Putting a Career Into Words Crafting the perfect job post is both an art and a science. Your job title and description must be appealing enough to attract an ideal new hire and accurate enough to draw in a candidate whose experience and skills are aligned with the role itself. A disconnect between the way your job is titled and described and the type of candidates you seek can mean the difference between finding the perfect applicant in a matter of days versus months of searching. Reading this guide can help you identify Which details in your job description will pique candidate interest How to brainstorm an accurate and appealing job titleThe most effective length for job descriptions and job titles Quick tips to optimize your existing job posts for better performanceAre you ready to revamp your job postings and get a larger number of high-quality applicants in a shorter period of time? Click here to download the guide.

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Who Else Wants to Learn About Awesome Resume Templates?

Who Else Wants to Learn About Awesome Resume Templates? If you have a look at the templates weve listed below, you will see that they all are similar in the manner your information is prioritized and structured. Our professional resume template is the iverstndigung im strafverfahren method to create the best impression. Concentrate on their demands, and allow it to be clear the exceptional approaches you are able to address them. In addition, the built-in methods and expert advice can help you compose the perfect resume. New Questions About Awesome Resume Templates Try out the Resume template if you need a tiny versatility in your templates. Lets see how simple it is to begin As with a number of other templates, you can incorporate an objective or remove that section if you would like. Look at a completely free CV template prepared to print. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Awesome Resume Templates You want to create your resume unforgettable, so select a templat e that you may inject your personality into. The template isnt hard to customize and edit along with print-ready. It is compatible with Microsoft Word as well as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. It includes two resume pages as well as a cover letter template and can easily be edited and customized with your choice of fonts and colors. Light blue is utilized to accentuate headings for superior content hierarchy. Easily you are able to chanage color. Its fine to use bold, bright, and numerous colors. Altering the color or typography in the template theme is frequently a great place to begin. Try to remember that your resume may be read by means of a computer. The files are print ready and simple to edit to your own info. This infographic-style resume template is cost-free, but for a small charge, you may download extra templates to create matching small business cards and portfolio pages. The elements that you include will be dependent on what it is you are applying for, so m ake sure to incorporate the fruchtwein relevant info to strengthen your candidacy in your CV. The Principles of Awesome Resume Templates That You Will be Able to Learn From Starting Immediately To put it differently, instead of relying on generic descriptions, you ought to go with unique accounts of your career thus far. In reality, our customers using our resume templates receive a job 33% faster than people who dont. On-line portfolio and resume websites are always recommended, especially because an increasing number of employers are currently utilizing the web to streamline and enhance the hiring process. Several new start-up businesses and tech companies be searching for candidates using resumes that may quickly and stylishly deliver all of the information that they are searching for. Awesome Resume Templates - Is it a Scam? There are an enormous number of resumes templates readily available on the web but the most challenging issue is to learn the ideal design for your res ume from the assortment of resume templates present online. Timeless is an easy and clean Word resume template with a design acceptable for a myriad of professional resumes and CVs. If you would like to receive a nice job, you require a good resume. Get your fantasy job with the assistance of this completely free expert PSD freebie. Job Resume lets you create your very own personal brand logo in just a couple of minutes. Its not worth to shed a job youve always desired. Submit the same resume for each and every job. Theres a great deal of room for a cover letter on the rear of the original resume, adding that additional flavor that may just create a new job for you. Two even columns for the rest of the page give you a lot of room to woo the company by means of your experience, skills, and education. Some return to templates earn even more sense based on your level of seniority, the form of work that youre searching for and additionally the market in which you wish to do the job. Get exploring and you may be spotting something which you feel is going to earn an effect on your job seeking process. On the flip side, hard skills are a little bit trickier to build. No matter if its your very first job resume or not, its important to know that any resume should have 5 important elements. Ensure you didnt miss whatever could cost you the job that you dream about